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Do you have...

Tough to machine material? A difficult feature to machine? Hard to find tool diameters or lengths?
No time to look through catalogs?

You don’t need to have any catalogs or EDP numbers.
Tell us the size of the tool and your application
and we will find you the best, most economical tool.

When you call JJ, you’ll get a professional, knowledgeable and helpful representative.

Customer: “I’m tapping ¼-20 in 400 series stainless and I need the best tap for the job.”
JJ Sales: “OSG VA3 is the best tap for that material. Is it a blind or thru hole?”
Customer: “Blind hole”
JJ Sales: “That would be a #1732601. They are in stock and I could have them delivered today.”


Customer: “I need a .010 4fl ball nose carbide endmill. Does anyone make them?”
JJ Sales: “Harvey does. I’m on their website and they have 40 pcs in stock. You can have them
tomorrow – UPS Ground. They also have them AlTin coated.”


Customer: “I need an endmill .231 +.0005/-.0000 dia. with 1-1/8 length of cut with a .025 radius for a job I’m running tomorrow.”
JJ Sales: “I can take a standard off the shelf ¼ with 1-1/8 length of cut from my stock and alter it in our shop, Jet Tool. We can have it done for tomorrow, or you can pick it up this afternoon.”


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